Matt & Kirstin

January 12, 2016

Gippsland Wedding
About This Project

Matt and Kirstin moved to the Sunshine Coast from Victoria several years ago to build a life for themselves by the sea.

Good friends of mine it feels weird for me to type Matt and Kirstin so I’m going to call them what I call them.

Dokes and Kirt.

Dokes and Kirt are such a lovely and genuine pair of humans and just recently they’ve created two more Doecke’s.

Their twin boys (and Dokes re-incarnates) Jax and Taj.

To celebrate their love and new family they held a beautiful ceremony in Marlo, Victoria just before Christmas.

Marlo has been Kirt’s family’s summer holiday destination since forever. Consisting of a pub, general store and caravan park it’s nestled amongst one of Australia’s most pristine coastlines.

It was a balmy December day with beers flowing and laughter spilling across a marquee covered dance floor.

So much beautiful emotion was on show and I’d just like to give the new Doecke’sĀ and their fam a big internet hug.

Lots of love,


TJ x