Paully & Shell

January 12, 2016

Sunshine Coast Wedding
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Paully & Shell were high school sweet hearts and not one ounce of love has faded since those flirtatious days at Sale High school. Paully will like that one 😉

The day before the ceremony the Sunshine Coast was showing anything but sunshine.

It was absolutely bucketing down. Non stop. Heavy. Torrential.

Many of the guests were arriving from Melbourne and due to land on the eve of the wedding, however they were sent back to Melbourne to land and were transferred to a flight on the morning of the wedding!

If any of this was stressing Shell or Paully out it didn’t show.

On the morning of the wedding the Sunshine Coast turned the tap off. Completely.

The sun was shining and there wasn’t a breath of wind. It was the perfect day!

Such an amazing day and evening ensued and I’d like to wish Paully and Shell all the very best for their life her on the Sunshine Coast. x